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About The Artist​

Some say Al was born with a pencil in his hand. While other kids were out riding their bikes and playing sports, he was drawing anything and everything (animals, people, you name it.) Drawing became his passion. As time rolled on, he developed a love affair with automobiles; especially hot-rods, muscle cars, race cars, top fuelers, and drag racers. They had his heart. At 17, Al joined the Navy and served with them for 4 incredible years as an Illustrator Draftsman (this only enhanced his artistic talent.) Once he reentered civilian life, Al wanted to work doing something automobile related, so he went to school to learn how to restore vehicles. Restoring cars wasn't enough, so he tried his hand at lettering, pin-stripping, air brushing, and painting murals on cars, motorcycles, and helmets. Again, anything auto related. Al found a new level of artwork that exhilarated him even more. This opened doors for Al that he never dreamed possible. He was invited to paint Nose Art on B-52's for the Air Force as a morale booster and restored vehicles to show perfection, to name a few. As if that wasn't enough, Al began painting portraits of Race Car drivers both local and nationally known.

All of this has led to the path he is currently on. Al has had the pleasure of painting a "Riddler" award winner, in addition to other award winners. Most of his paintings evoke a story on canvas that amaze and intrigue many. He paints rusted vehicles with lifelike resemblance.  His painted reflections make people do a double take as they think they are looking at a photograph. Barry Maguire, CEO of Maguine Car Wax products said: "That reflection looks like you got it with my wax". What an honor to hear.

Al's artwork hangs in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, India and all four corners of the United States. You can also find his work hanging in several Auto Museums and restorations shops across the U.S. This journey has been amazing. Al thanks God for this talent and feels blessed to bless others through it. Al's greatest reward is seeing the delight on the faces of his customers.

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