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Al can be reached  for purchasing an Original Painting or Print or to have an Original Painting done of your vehicles at;

phone: 480-380-2140

e-mail : ajdimauro2140@msn.com


  1. Daniel Vaughn says:

    Just touching base.
    Miss you guys, me especially. Doris is really slipping away. She doesn’t know it, but she has a tough time with memory and stuff. I love her dearly, and will always be there for her in anyway I can, but it tears at my heart to see her failing so much.
    She tries to show little effect, but when it takes a couple of minutes to think of her answer, it tears me apart. My life has been so involved with her by every day, that I am lost for things to support her, but not let her know that she is behind in her thought processes. This being said about the girl I love dearly, and the one who always had the sharp come back comment.
    Sorry to drop this on you kiddo, guess I’m having a poor day.
    Thanks for listening, love Danny

  2. BGTFadmin says:

    Danny i ma just now reading your message. Our site has been down and we had no idea there were messages. I am so very sorry for the lapse in time.
    I know exactly what you are saying as I too have noticed this with Doris and not make any comment or mention of her slow responses in our conversations and such.
    She is very dear to us and it breaks our hearts. I believe it is from all of the times she had been put under for surgeries. We pray for you guys daily. We love both of you so much and know it is very difficute to see our life partner changing and not being able to fix it.
    I have been trying to call her every couple of weeks although I haven’t in at least three now. I want her to know how important she is to my heart.
    I love you guys very much. my heart shurts for you too Danny.
    Love your guts I am so very happy you feel close enough to me to tell me your feelings and thoughts. I am always here for you.
    love you, janie

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